Raze 213

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Freedom of Speech is the dearest freedom people can have, for without it political repression and social states are easier to accomplish. Raze 213 articulates one of the brutal torture method that been used by Saddam Hussein’s regime against political prisoner in Iraq. This method of torture keeps the prisoner confined in a small room with system of pipes on the ceiling. The pipes contain nitric acid, which drips randomly from a series of valves, forcing the prisoner to move constantly within the cell. As a result, the prisoner cannot rest until he/she faces his/her death.

When art carries a message of truth, Its most powerful effects felt when it touches all of the senses. Touching the conscious as well as the unconscious mind, it forces those who experience it to think about its subject. I think that when all the senses are invoked in this way, the work sends a more powerful message.

To accomplish an impact on the viewer, I am recreating Raze 213. I will incorporate all the senses visual, sound and smell to achieve a mental impact. Furthermore the physical structure of the cell will create a physical impact on the viewer. If I can recreate the sensations that many political prisoners are now experiencing, I can both reflect and demonstrate the truth of this particular brutal experience. This project will allow the viewer to live the truth for just a few minutes and stir their emotions and to spark empathy with those who are oppressed. Raze 213 is a voice to many voiceless.