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Baiti¬†offers a visually poetic exposition of United States intervention in selective parts of the world between 1948 and the present. The artist’s intention is to draw attention to the origins of much of the hatred directed toward the US government. The work illustrates atrocities committed by the US military and the CIA against the people of Chile, ElSalvador, Nicaragua, Korea, VietNam, Panama,Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan. The piece is a witness to the present for the past that has never passed.

As a witness to the horror of war and its aftermath, Bilal has devoted his life to speaking out against injustice in all forms–injustice committed by governments against the Middle East as well as injustice perpetrated by Middle East leaders. War, embargo, cruelty, and inhumane actions come from many directions. With knowlege comes power to demand perpetrators worldwide act in a more humane fashion, and to hold them accountable through peaceful protest for their actions.